Here’s the DIY post I promised. Easiest DIY ever! It’s super worth it ‘cause it takes less time and effort for something really awesome. Haha! Btw, I used my bleached shorts and lace top for this DIY, and for the people asking, I bought the studs at Carolina’s, at G5. :)

Click “Read More” for the steps.

What you’ll need:

  • Studs
  • Clothes to put them in
  • Coin

First, push the stud through the cloth.

It should come out the other side like this.

Then, using a coin, fold the teeth in to lock the stud.

It should look like this. Continue to do those with the other studs until you have your desired pattern.

For my shorts, I put the studs on the back pocket and formed a stair-like pattern.

For my top, I did a stair-like pattern, too, on the edge of the collar.

Viola! Easy peasy right? :)

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